Documentation, Saving IFF ANIM Files, and Fixing Animation Bugs

Documentation There has been a lot of work done by Stephane Anquetil to fill in the major gaps I had in the documentation. In fact the very first documentation page (the Picture menu) was pretty much just a placeholder I made until Stephane filled in all the descriptions along with examples and helpful screenshots. Thanks so much for your contributions! The documentation is here on the PyDPainter web site:  IFF ANIM support The development of the PyDPainter code has also been continuing, albeit a bit more slowly than I would like. One of the big changes I have recently implemented in the "develop" branch is the saving of IFF ANIM files in addition to the animated GIF support I had already implemented. There are a few different types of IFF ANIM files, but most of the older (non-AGA) files are ANIM-5 format. The later ANIM-7 and ANIM-8 formats worked faster (especially on 68030 and 68040 machines) by copying data in larger chunks. For now, Py