Animation Debugging for Fun and Profit!

Wait... "profit?" Well, maybe intangible profit since I am giving this away. 😀 I do get pleasure in making something usable that makes other people happy, though. Animation Changes Things My spare time in the last few weeks has been filled with debugging code in PyDPainter that used to make sense and work just fine, but now that animation features are being added, it breaks. Some of these things are as simple as changing the resolution (Screen Format) of the screen. It used to scale the screen and reduce the number of colors if needed and everything was fine. Now it has to repeat the same thing for every frame of an animation. I haven't gotten to that part yet. Another thing is backgrounds: should there be a separate background for every frame of the animation? I think that's what I'll end up doing because it will also make way for a feature to load a video to trace over. How should stencils behave? Create or remake the stencil for every frame? Or are stencils s

GIFs are emanating and animating!

GIF Animation Saving A milestone passed yesterday: animated GIF saving is working now in the development branch! As a bonus it also optimizes the file size by trying both the delta and the full image and seeing which compresses the smallest. The animated GIF loading which was previously added to the development branch now pairs perfectly with this feature. Numbered Animation Frame Export This new feature on the development branch allows you to export the frames of an animation to individual image files so you can manipulate them however you want with other programs. It numbers each frame sequentially to keep them in order. There is also a new button added to the file requestors to make a directory to keep all the exported frames in one place. Of course the import functionality is still working on the development branch so you can import the frames back in again. Palette Key Frame GUI There is now a new requestor that pops up when you have an animation and you click on the "P"

Progress Update 2023-12-14

I have been making progress on a few things in the PyDPainter project: Running PyDPainter on the Web I was able to get parts of PyDPainter to run on the web. Here is a screenshot of it running it in a web browser:     As you can see, the mouse pointer has a weird green block around it. Also, bringing up any requester freezes the program, so you can't load and save files for example. It's a start though, and I think it can get full functionality with some more work on it. Animation Features  I've crossed off some things from my list in my last update: playback of animations fix the palette bugs that were introduced by having multiple palettes in animations save numbered frames save IFF ANIM save GIF The big things left are to allow for saving of animations now. I am contemplating whether to write my own animated GIF saver which probably will take a while and won't be very efficient or to use ImageMagik's animated GIF conversion. That would introduce another dependenc

Progress Update 2023-11-25

I've been working on a few things with PyDPainter: PyDPainter Web Site I recently got the PyDPainter web site up and running. It is mostly a copy of the content that is already in GitHub but in an easier-to-read format. I made a script that refreshes this content directly from GitHub when any of it changes. There is also some exclusive content like the art gallery , where artists have submitted some amazing pieces of art that they have drawn with PyDPainter. I also included some of my simple squiggles just for balance. Running PyDPainter on the Web There is a project called PygBag that allows you to run Python programs in a web browser. I've tried to get PyDPainter running in the past but with no success. I tried again yesterday and had some limited success showing the initial PyDPainter screen but only occasionally. I hope I can get a version of PyDPainter running on the web soon. That would really lower the barrier to entry for people who would want to try it out