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Progress Update 2023-12-14

I have been making progress on a few things in the PyDPainter project: Running PyDPainter on the Web I was able to get parts of PyDPainter to run on the web. Here is a screenshot of it running it in a web browser:     As you can see, the mouse pointer has a weird green block around it. Also, bringing up any requester freezes the program, so you can't load and save files for example. It's a start though, and I think it can get full functionality with some more work on it. Animation Features  I've crossed off some things from my list in my last update: playback of animations fix the palette bugs that were introduced by having multiple palettes in animations save numbered frames save IFF ANIM save GIF The big things left are to allow for saving of animations now. I am contemplating whether to write my own animated GIF saver which probably will take a while and won't be very efficient or to use ImageMagik's animated GIF conversion. That would introduce another dependenc