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Progress Update 2023-11-25

I've been working on a few things with PyDPainter: PyDPainter Web Site I recently got the PyDPainter web site up and running. It is mostly a copy of the content that is already in GitHub but in an easier-to-read format. I made a script that refreshes this content directly from GitHub when any of it changes. There is also some exclusive content like the art gallery , where artists have submitted some amazing pieces of art that they have drawn with PyDPainter. I also included some of my simple squiggles just for balance. Running PyDPainter on the Web There is a project called PygBag that allows you to run Python programs in a web browser. I've tried to get PyDPainter running in the past but with no success. I tried again yesterday and had some limited success showing the initial PyDPainter screen but only occasionally. I hope I can get a version of PyDPainter running on the web soon. That would really lower the barrier to entry for people who would want to try it out