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Animation Debugging for Fun and Profit!

Wait... "profit?" Well, maybe intangible profit since I am giving this away. 😀 I do get pleasure in making something usable that makes other people happy, though. Animation Changes Things My spare time in the last few weeks has been filled with debugging code in PyDPainter that used to make sense and work just fine, but now that animation features are being added, it breaks. Some of these things are as simple as changing the resolution (Screen Format) of the screen. It used to scale the screen and reduce the number of colors if needed and everything was fine. Now it has to repeat the same thing for every frame of an animation. I haven't gotten to that part yet. Another thing is backgrounds: should there be a separate background for every frame of the animation? I think that's what I'll end up doing because it will also make way for a feature to load a video to trace over. How should stencils behave? Create or remake the stencil for every frame? Or are stencils s